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Gmail hacked account recovery is a challenging situation for email users because it is compulsory to fix the hacked account problem to safe and secure the privacy and data.  Most of the time email user is responsible for Gmail hacked account. If you are using email service to communicate to others or sending files, data then it is must that never share the account password to others, never save the password to browser of public or others device or system because it became it to hack the account. Hackers send malicious programs to the system users via pop ups, free software and as the user click on the pop ups or download the free software, it injected in the system and helps to hackers to steal the data and personal information like bank details, secret information etc. Gmail hacked account can be fixed by manual steps and also with the help of Gmail help and support team.

Gmail Hacked Account

Some Causes of Gmail hacked Account:

If you know the cause of Gmail hacked account then it will easy for you to safe the email account from hackers reach. Some of the common causes are listed below-

  • Password Share: If you are using email service then it is your responsibility to safe and secures it. Password is the main factor of email account so never shares it because other person, who knows the password, can access your account and steal the data.
  • Weak Password: Weak password is the common reason behind Gmail hacked account because it is easy for the hackers to hack the account. Sometime user create the password same as user name, nick name, birth date, 1 to 5 number etc. which is easy to hack.
  • Password saves in the browser: Sometime we login email account in others device or system and save the password as “remember me” and forgot to logout so in our absent account is accessed due to save password and account accessed.
  • Malicious program: Sometime pop ups appear on the screen while accessing internet so as you click on such pop ups or ads, malicious programs inject in the system and helps the hackers to hack the account and information.
  • Free Software: All free software are not useful and having some harmful programs like virus, browser hijackers, Trojan, Malware etc. So as you install free software without getting the details, malicious programs inject in the system and steal the data.

Gmail Hacked Account Recovery Manual Steps:

Gmail hacked account recovery can be fixed by manual steps so follow the given steps and recover the account. Since password is hacked so recover the password and create a new and strong password. Steps is given as-

i) Go to the Forgot password option

ii) Give the alternate email id or phone number you have given while creating the account.

iii) An OTP will goes to your email id or phone number to verify your identity

iv) Get the OTP and input it in the text box which appears on the official site(Gmail)

v) Click on Continue

vi) You will get the option to create new password so make the password with the combination of letter, number and special characters.

You can also get help from Gmail customer service so get in touch with technical experts on toll free number or chat with us. We are 24*7 hours to fix your issues so contact us.