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Gmail password recovery is the solution of Gmail login problem, hacked account and forgot password but most of the user, don’t know the steps to recover the password. Here you will get the steps of Gmail password recovery which will help to recover the password quickly. Gmail help and support team has guided for the common problems of Gmail and provided on the official site so you can get help from there also.

Why you need Gmail Password Recovery?

We know that Gmail is a free email service and used in all over the world. Password is the main key of email service and need to secure and safe from others because without password email can’t access and you will get the error of Gmail login problem or sign in problem.  The display message may be that “Incorrect email id or password”. Sometime user forgot the password or it is hacked by hackers or malicious users to do their unethical activity so in that case Gmail password recovery is required. We should not delay to recover the password because it may harmful for us. If hacker use our account to steal someone data then the account holder will responsible for that.

Gmail Password Recovery

How to do Gmail Password Recovery  

Gmail password recovery can be done by manual steps or by getting help from Gmail help team. If you have good knowledge about email service and settings then follow the given steps-

  1. Go to the password recovery option
  2. Choose “I don’t know my password”
  • Enter your email address then click on Continue

Note: If you have linked your phone number with email account then request for verification. You can also do that, answer the security question and verify your identity.

If you forgot the phone number or email address of your email account then you can get this from your browser history but it is possible if you have used your email account recently. The letters before @is the user name. Enter this user name to verify identity and get the option of Gmail password recovery.

It may that you have not the access of recovery email, phone or other option. In that case you need not to worry, just follow the steps-

  1. Go to Google Account Recovery option
  2. Enter email address and click on Continue
  • Click on the option “I don’t know”
  1. Select verify the identity
  2. Answer all the questions asked by the Gmail help team
  3. If it is accurate then you will get the option to recover the password by creating new password.

You can also get help from Gmail customer service and support team. To get help from support team, call to toll free number 1-855-230-4666 or live chat with our technical experts. They will support to do Gmail password recovery and give the service till the problem shout out.